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Art for Adults Header Challenge (2ndl) by grafnarq

Her pose is quite beautiful, sexy and yet very grounded in reality. As we look into her eyes, it seems as though we're looking into a h...

Emmy Rossum by AmBr0
by AmBr0

As far as portraits go, you're top in my list. I've rarely seen anyone capable of doing hair, clothes and skin textures the way you do....



:iconstargrow: :iconvampiremansion: :iconindependent-comics: :icondcsexyfemales:


Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been very hectic around here... for the best!

A few more surprises to come in the next weeks or so... stay tuned, Broken Buddha may have found a home :D
Follow me on Twitter for updates about Broken Buddha :D Yay
Broken Buddha Preview... by Esbe77
Broken Buddha Preview...
After months and months, here's a little preview (still a WIP) of the main character's look and the different style of artwork... needless to say, I'm psyched :D

Broken Buddha is (c) Copyright Simon Bergeron, All Rights Reserved, 2015.
Underworld by Esbe77
This woman gives Selene a run for her money as a seriously gifted cosplayer. She manages to pull Selene's dark soul combined with great physicality and the work was made to thank her for her efforts.

The original image had her in front of trees and during daylight... I changed a few settings, obviously. Added Prague's Cathedral, and added a full moon sky with the patented J.J. Abrams lens flare for effect.

Visit the awesomely talented cosplayer with this link...…
Already, much is happening, although not much SEEMS to be going on. It's just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. I'm very territorial about this particular creation and do not wish to show anything until the time is right and all copyrights are cleared for me to have perfect and complete control over it (yeah, not that I think that high of my own creations, I'm just not fond of living a story of "this guy stole my idea")

The first chapter of the graphic novel is finished. It has been scripted, pencilled and inked. I just need to find a scanner to digitize the pages and insert the balloons and texts later on. The first chapter isn't much of a bother, but what was, for me, was the challenge to finish in a reasonable time even without a deadline, so I can learn to push myself to the limit and do better, faster. I was quite happy when I did almost 6 pages in 24 hours (that is 6 completely finished pages). Although the artwork isn't THAT hard, for me it was quite a success.

Now, I've taken a few days off, writing chapter 2, inserting dialogs (which will be voluntarily scarce), and I'm soon off drawing the hell out of it. The cover (I always seem to want to come up with it firsthand) is very different in its approach than the previous one. Where the first used a minimalistic approach, this one has about the same feel, but with a bit more details added to reinforce a mood. I'm not trying to tell you what to think once you see it, but it's more what I feel toward the material.

As for the publishing itself, there were talks between a publisher and myself, but this all fell through. I won't name the person(s), but let's just say I didn't feel comfortable cutting so much stuff that I consider necessary to the characters and their evolution. So, as much as it pained me, I had to say no and will therefore publish myself under a creator-owned independent banner. Instead of making one big book (5 are planned), I will probably produce a chapter at a time to save on printing costs and sell them on a Storenvy page, which is under management. Then, if the sales are right and there is indeed a demand for it, the chapters will be brought together and turned into paperback editions... the way they were initially intended... and I may throw, much like DVDs, a few extras here and there. This is far in the future, so we'll see how the first chapters develop and if they do sell.

Searching for a logo is extremely difficult. During the days off, there was a period where I was trying to come up with letterings, checking at japanese kanjis and such, to try and come up with an interesting title that would truly embrace the subject, characters, themes and such... so far, I've been more than unsuccessful, but the search for Spo... err, I mean the search for the right lettering goes on. Needless to say, it's nowhere near frustrating when so much work has been done in almost 6 months. Whew. Already? Talk about time flying.

Beginning in August or September, this project quickly came together as I lost a job and bought a little sketchbook that got covered in sketches, writings and notes that would turn into characters, dialogs, ideas, sets, designs, etc. The 110 pages got completely filled in just under two months, which, for me (again), is quite a challenge met. Normally, there's hardly anything I want to draw often to get used to a particular style or character. Here, it felt like home. I sure had to sketch and get much used to that new style, but it was most fun and never got boring.

Characters appeared, disappeared, ideas are still uncertain to make it through the creative process, but the fact of the matter is that "Broken Buddha" is my artistic child and to the end, I will love it and cherish every moment my pencil hits the paper to either write or draw about it. If Life wanted to send me a game-changing idea where I would only need to let go of fears and frustrations and embrace a certain project, that's the one right here. One I can't wait to share with you all, once it's done.

Once again, thank you for reading and following, I can't thank you enough and am anxious to show you the results.

Take good care until next time :)
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After the raging success of Red Death Circus, the thought was to pursue in that direction. The entire print run sold out in less than four weeks which, for completely unknown starving artists was almost unheard of back in our city. It was not to be as my friend and I both got separate ideas to get our minds around. It was with a sad and heavy heart that we decided to put the Red Death Circus project on ice for an undefined period. It isn't abandoned, just resting its shovel.

There is the possibility to be the inker of a zombie graphic novel series, which will either be official or not but most certainly announced here to let you know what series it is and when to look for it (I believe the fourth book is coming out in October 2014 and the plan is for me to hop on book 5 onward).

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