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Art for Adults Header Challenge (2ndl) by grafnarq

Her pose is quite beautiful, sexy and yet very grounded in reality. As we look into her eyes, it seems as though we're looking into a h...

Emmy Rossum by AmBr0
by AmBr0

As far as portraits go, you're top in my list. I've rarely seen anyone capable of doing hair, clothes and skin textures the way you do....



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It HAS been quite a long time since this page was updated with any significant content or news and, well, there's a reason for everything.

Here are the few reasons:

1- A VERY time-consuming job came about (testing a video game)
2- A few possible artwork contracts came about
3- There is an "inker" job I may get by the end of the year for a graphic novel
4- Red Death Circus has been put on ice for an undefined time slot.

Sad as it is to report the latter part of the news, here's what happened: As the video game testing job came to an end, a few notes that were taken a while back started to take shape. A few weeks later (5 or 6), no less than 100 pages were filled and now, profiles on the characters are being written, artworks and styles being decided. So this mysterious project is starting to look GOOD. I'm working solo on this but not for the reasons you might be thinking. My friend and I just had a chat about it and decided it was better for us and the project to just leave it at that for the moment. Plus, she began having great ideas of her own and I felt Red Death Circus was getting in her creative way. We do not part ways nor do we abandon RDC. The ideas we individually got are simply just too juicy not to do and believe me, I'm sure you'll just LOVE our projects. Seems like the RDC comic book taught us one valuable lesson: we CAN make it. And we will. We are.

We were saddened to announce it to our respective pages, because some of you were waiting for it quite a bit and we had high hopes to really get this off the ground. We did sell out completely in our french language edition and the english one was going well, but as time went by, it was clear that time and distance was a great obstacle to our creative forces.

Nonetheless, I am quite happy with the way things are turning. The "mysterious project" is going great, almost about to write it for the first time and the inking job will soon be announced as "official" or not... either way, this publisher was the one interested in Red Death Circus the first time around and the man gave me a stab at the back cover of the fourth issue of a zombie graphic novel... the artist himself loved it and I'm hoping this means great news.

Sorry for the hopes you might have had nourished over the last months only to know they are crushed as of now :/


On a side note, I went to a Sonata Arctica show on September 9th, but I didn't know them much. I was more interested in the opening band, namely Xandria. Delain was unknown to me as well, but singer Charlotte Wessels was amazing (sexy and talented), and a joy to talk to after the show... as was her Xandria counterpart, Dianne Van Giersbergen. She's the lovely lady on the actual icon ^_^ one of the best shows I've seen in my life :D
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After the raging success of Red Death Circus, the thought was to pursue in that direction. The entire print run sold out in less than four weeks which, for completely unknown starving artists was almost unheard of back in our city. It was not to be as my friend and I both got separate ideas to get our minds around. It was with a sad and heavy heart that we decided to put the Red Death Circus project on ice for an undefined period. It isn't abandoned, just resting its shovel.

There is the possibility to be the inker of a zombie graphic novel series, which will either be official or not but most certainly announced here to let you know what series it is and when to look for it (I believe the fourth book is coming out in October 2014 and the plan is for me to hop on book 5 onward).

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